Ontario children and youth can wait up to 18 months for mental health care. Sometimes the type of care they need isn't there at all.
That’s not right.

Act now to tell Premier Wynne that kids can't wait any longer and child and youth mental health care needs funding.

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the issues

Mental health care for Ontario children and youth face a series of challenges including program cuts due to chronic underfunding; skyrocketing hospitalization rates; and, long waiting lists for treatment that continue to grow.

Today, over 120,000 Ontario families rely on community-based mental health services to meet their children’s needs.

If the government doesn’t take urgent action to reduce wait times by increasing funding for community-based services, 5 out of 6 children and youth with mental illness will not get the treatment they need.

In the absence of adequate community care, children and youth often seek treatment in hospitals – only to be discharged without the ongoing support they need at home and in their community.

The Wynne government can fix this by taking action to increase funding to community mental health programs by $120 million per year to ensure that no child or young person waits longer than 30 days for mental health treatment.

Let’s continue to make Ontario a better place for families by prioritizing child and youth mental health.

Tell the Wynne government that kids can’t wait any longer!